Common UX web design mistakes you might be making (and how to fix them)

Working in design, we know how important it is to constantly question and improve your design decisions. But no matter how long you’ve worked in the industry, it’s still just as easy to fall into common pitfalls that tank your UX. So here are five common UX design mistakes and how to fix them. You’re welcome. 

Ignoring Mobile Responsiveness — Look at your website on your iPhone. Does it make you want to die?

Girl, it’s 2023 — if you don’t know by now that most website traffic comes from phones, then the rock you’re living under must be super comfortable. With most users looking at your site on their phones, it’s imperative you devote resources to making your mobile user experience top-notch. For starters, make sure your website is fully responsive and optimised for smaller screens. 

Prioritising User Goals — It’s important to understand the user’s goals and prioritize them in the design process. 

This can mean placing the most important information “above the fold” or making sure the user can easily access the information they need. Basically, know what your customers want and give it to them. Don’t be a tease and hide your information — nobody likes that. Conduct regular research and ask for feedback to ensure your current design is meeting customers’ needs.

Overcomplicating Navigation — If we need a PhD to navigate your website, it’s time to change.

 A confusing navigation structure is a huge red flag in terms of web design — a quick navigation fix is to simplify your navigation menu and organise your information clearly. Also labels. Use labels. Please.

Neglecting Accessibility — It’s not just common courtesy. It can be the difference between flying or falling. 

Making your website accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, is crucial for an inclusive user experience. To fix this, consider implementing accessibility features such as alt text for images and keyboard navigation. It’s easy, it’s free, and it opens your website to a WHOLE lot more people — so get on it. 

Information Overload — We don’t want to read an essay. Cool your jets, Shakespeare. 

Too much information on a single page can overwhelm users and lead to a poor experience. To fix this, break information into smaller, more manageable chunks and consider implementing pagination or an infinite scroll feature.

The Info. Simplified.

To round it all up, UX design can make or break your business. While these quick fixes will help revamp and optimise your website, the best way to ensure your UX design stays at a solid 11/10 is to keep your customer at the forefront of your mind. Constantly seek out their goals, wants and needs, and cater to them. Your website is for your customers, after all, so design it specifically for them — you won’t regret it. 

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