Social Media: The Game Changer of Web Design

Gone are the days of websites that look like they’re made on Microsoft paint and glitchy animations that have a 50/50 chance of giving you a seizure. Today, the world of web design looks completely different — and that’s all thanks to social media.
From the rise of minimalist design to the integration of mobile-first strategies, social media has played a huge role in shaping the current landscape of web design. 

One of the biggest ripples social media has made in the pool of web design is the new emphasis on visuals.

Social media giants like Instagram and Pinterest have made the look, vibe and aesthetics a content creator’s number one priority, causing web designers to follow suit. 

Another area social media’s changed web design — Responsiveness.

With more mobile users accessing the internet, designers have had to completely revamp websites to not only work on phones but thrive. Social media also has an addictively smooth UI, setting the bar high in terms of responsive design.

And finally, where would social media be without its influencers?

Social media has brought more influencers into the limelight than ever before, making influencers a highly valuable resource to use. Businesses now go to great lengths to incorporate personal ambassadors into their website and brand, propelling them into the view of new customer markets. 

The Info. Simplified.

So basically, social media has changed the branding and web design game forever. Period. From new focuses on visuals and responsible design to the rise in influencer marketing. So, next time you’re browsing the web, take a moment to appreciate all the ways social media has changed the game.

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