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How would you describe your overall experience with Sparo Studios?

I entrusted Em and her team with the entirety of my new brand - logos, look, feel, direction, website - and I could not be more thankful that I did. What started as an idea has been brought to life in a way that is so much MORE than I ever could've imagined. Every service I purchased from them blew me away; they were invested in the strategy behind my brand, helped me build an effective customer journey, and shared their expertise from every angle. It's so much more than a simple logo or website build - they go deeper into the identity of the brand, where I want to go, who I want to serve. You can tell they truly care about every brand they work with, and want to see us do big things - and with their help, I can and I will. I'm confident I could not have built the brand I have today without Sparo by my side - their expertise and services are worth 10000x the investment. I'm forever grateful - thank you SO much! xx Lovenote Copywriting

I had launched my business quickly in 2020, and never put much thought into branding or the business itself. I went full force into working and serving my clients, and let my own brand fall to the side. I knew in the back of my mind I always needed a change, because I wasn’t showing up with the quality I truly offered; my brand fell flat in comparison to my services. I wanted to show off my skills and capabilities from the moment my audience saw my brand. Sparo helped me do that AND WAY MORE.
Em helped me strategise my customer journey, which begins with the customer requesting a Rate Card from my website, and then receiving this automatically in their inbox. I have already saved SO much time through this process, and have had compliments from clients on how accessible and clear it is. I have also had more email sign ups in the past week than I had in the past six months of running my business (pre-rebrand). The mental shifts are immense; I’m now proud to show up in front of others as my business, I’m more empowered to network and create content, I want to get out there and share.
The immense amount of strategy that was woven through the process was so impressive and helpful as a solo entrepreneur. Em and her team are not just building websites for the sake of it; they facilitate a strategic process that leads customers on the right journey, beginning with who that customer actually is. Not only does my brand have a new look and feel (new name, new logo, and every other beautiful piece Sparo created for me), but it also has a more strategic direction. I have properly defined who I’m trying to reach, and strategised how to reach them, because Em wouldn’t create a website without purpose. I LOVE that mindset, and it’s really going to help grow my business.

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