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How would you describe your overall experience with Sparo Studios?

My overall experience with Sparo Studios was absolutely perfect. I 100% recommend Em and her team to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level. Their support and willingness to bring your website, branding dreams, and visions to life are exceptional. The team really deep dives into discovering everything from current business to where you see yourself in years to come. Sparo Studios, don't just create a pretty website for now. They will create a website that will support you and your business in years to come. A website, that is tread, professional, functional, and targeting your ideal clientele.

My business was doing really well in the clinic but I did not have a website I was excited about. No, where to send new customers to, to find out more about me and what my business has to offer. I had a mini web for just booking through a salon booking system (very basic and boring).
I have a new look, a professional experience, and a total lux and inviting online vibe. My clients love the new website and the new branding. 100% win. In clinic, sales have gone up, and I believe I’ve created a new level of trust and professionalized with old clientele along with the new.
Em was just amazing. Nothing was any trouble at all. Even when I threw Em a curve ball, mid-way through web design. She was excited to help me rebrand and was 100% on board with the new GK branding and direction. I Love Em’s approach – doing it right the first time. I’m defiantly not about half doing things and Em made it all happen.

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