The verdict on custom web design vs template websites

When it comes to building a website for your business, you have two choices- custom web design or a template website. But which one is better? We are here to give you the verdict on custom web design vs template websites. Spoiler alert it’s custom web design.

So let’s start with custom web design. What is it? A website designed from scratch, specifically for you. That means layout, design functionality, the whole shebang. Now you may be thinking, ‘Mmmm that sounds like a lot of effort for something I’ll barely use’. Now now, dear reader, don’t be too hasty.

A custom web design helps you stand out from the competition, solidifies your brand individuality and creates a unique experience for your audience (for those of you who read the earlier post about UX and UI you know what I’m talking about).

Here are three reasons why custom web design is the better option:

Custom designed website for fitness coach
Custom-designed website for fitness coach


That’s right, we’re talking UX Design! A custom website allows for a more seamless and intuitive user journey. Because the design is tailored to your specific business goals and target audience, it can be crafted to guide users naturally towards your desired actions, from making purchases to filling out forms.

Custom designed website for health product brand
Custom-designed website for health product brand


Rule of thumb: Custom = Freedom. Customer websites give you the freedom to add whatever you want, wherever you want. For example, a custom-designed website can include specific calls to action, branded graphics and imagery, and other elements that are designed to support your overall marketing and branding strategy. While it initially takes more resources to set up, we think it’s 100% worth it.

Custom designed website for copywriter
Custom-designed website for a copywriter business


Want to create a memorable and unique website? Custom design’s your gal. A distinctive and well-crafted design can make a strong impression and help your brand stick in the minds of your ideal client.

Consider custom web design over template-based solutions if you want a website that sets your business apart and helps you achieve your goals. It may require a more significant upfront investment, but the benefits will be well worth it. At Sparo Studios, we offer custom web design services tailored to your specific business needs and goals. Our edgy, bold, and conversational approach will help your business stand out and make a lasting impression on your audience. And with our packages guide, you can choose the custom package that’s right for you.

So, choose your custom package, you rebel, you. Download our packages guide here. With Sparo Studios, you can design with your long-term business vision and goals in mind.

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