What’s involved in building a brand identity

One of the most important things to have when starting a new business (other than half-thick skin, unbridled passion and a fully stocked liquor cabinet) is a solid brand identity.

At Sparo Studios, we’re experts in brand strategy and we’re here to break down the brand-building process. Just for you. You’re welcome.

A visual direction for a bold, luxury copywriting agency
Visual direction for a bold, luxury copywriting agency

What is a brand identity?

Ok so let’s start with the basics. Drop a beat.
So a brand identity is the visual & emotional representation of your business. So what kind of vibe do your customers get when they see your logo and colour scheme alongside your tone and messaging? Your brand identity should be unique and memorable, and it should reflect the values and personality of your business.

How to start building a brand identity?

Before we create the brand identity of the ages, we have to start at the core- your values and messaging. Look at your target market. What are their needs? What hurts them? What drives them? Why would they consider working with you? Take those needs and think about how you can address them.

Branding collateral and logo for events company

Developing your visual brand.

Now that we have our values and messaging in the bag, let’s move on to the creative stuff. I’m talkin’ ✨Visuals✨. Take a good look at your logo, colour scheme & typography and see how it aligns with your brand personality. Does it match? Or is something a little off? These elements should be consistent and cohesive across all of your marketing materials, from your website to your social media posts to your business cards.

Building a brand that takes names second and kicks a- let me start again. Building a strong brand identity is a process that requires frequent refinement. If you stop realigning, your brand stops thriving. As your business grows and evolves so should your brand identity, to ensure that it continues to accurately reflect who you are.

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