What’s the difference between UX and UI design?

As a business owner, you may have heard the terms UX and UI design, but what do these terms even mean and how do they impact your business?

What is UX design all about?

Ok, let’s break it down. Basically, UX design is all about the user experience. I mean UX literally means user experience. This encompasses every step of the customer’s journey interacting with your product/service. UX designers are all about making sure your product or service feels good to use, and take all aspects of the experience into account.

A UX/UI designed website for a motherhood product.

Now UI design…

On the other hand, UI design is all about the user interface or the visual design of your product or service. We’re talking colour scheme, layout, typography and all that jazz. Basically, anything that involves making your design look good, relevant and visually appealing falls under UI.

While UX and UI design are related fields, they are different from each other and require different skills. UX designers are typically focused on the research and strategy behind your product, while UI designers are focused on the visual design and implementation of the product. Both roles are important for the success of your product, and they often work together to create a smooth user experience.

Benefits of UX and UI design

Moral of the story: UX Design + UI Design = Results. If you devote time and resources to not only doing these but doing them well, you can expect to see increases in engagement and user satisfaction.

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